baby playing with paints

Tiny Hands, Big Imagination: Can babies do crafts?

Exploring the world of baby crafts and answering in this article can babies do crafts? Babies are often seen as adorable bundles of joy and play the role of ‘cherry on the cake’ in a family because of their innocent vibe and natural activities. But did you know they can also be budding artists? Yes, it is quite how to believe that a baby is full of curiosity and works on their creativity naturally.

baby playing with paints

Babies are curious and ready to explore the wide world of arts and crafts long before we can talk. Their minds are working hard processing, imagining, discovering the world, and curiously trying to know what is going on. It is nothing wrong if we claim that colors are the first thing to which a baby is attracted as colours have had an intrinsic impact on our lives since our childhood.

Today there are various baby arts and crafts ideas introduced in the market for parents to involve their kids in crafting and painting. The best part is indulging your kid in the process of creating and playing through art will enable various benefits to him at this early age:

  • Activate senses 
  • Build visual-spatial skills
  • Shine up his memory
  • Develop fine motor skills like strengthening finger muscle
  • Hand-eye coordination improves
  • Encourages imagination and creativity
  • Nurturing emotional development
  • A positive sense of accomplishment and confidence.

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Taking into account another benefit, crafting with your baby is a wonderful way to build your relationship and work as a team. This will help your baby to feel secure, safe, and more connected with you.

At what age can babies get bored?

Before knowing when a baby gets bored, you should be aware of the age at which you should introduce your kid to paints and crafts. Around 6 months to 1 year old is a great time to introduce your child to art. This time is when a child is growing rapidly and learning a lot of things so this is the best thing you can introduce your kid to as this will provide the opportunity to freely explore materials and processes.

kid yawning and getting bored

Coming on to the boredom factor, every baby is unique and experiences their moment at different ages. A more likely baby who is seven months old can be more obvious to experience. In contrast, they will smile, laugh, and keep their focus on the activity if they are excited.

Can a 7 months old paint?

It is perfectly fine if you introduce your kid to paints as young as 6 months old but to a safe and smooth paint for enabling finger painting or drawing with hands. A 7-month-old cannot paint in the traditional sense because it is challenging for them to manipulate paint brushes and other art tools effectively. Yet you can allow your kids to play with colours and be involved in finger painting with non-toxic and baby-safe paints. This allows them to explore colours and textures by engaging their census but you need to ensure close supervision during any art or sensory activities to ensure the baby’s safety.

Why is craft good for babies?

Remember when you were a kid you like- your painting and crafting time the most? Craft activities can be beneficial for babies in several ways:

  1. Sensory development as a craft provides opportunities for babies to explore different textures, colours, and materials that help them to develop their sensory processing skills.
  2. Cognitive developments by promoting problem-solving skills, awareness, and creativity as babies learn cause-and-effect relationships as they experiment with different materials and discover how they can create something new.
  3. Language and communication are also enhanced as when a child learns to speak, he gets this opportunity to talk about craft, naming colours, and shapes which leads to expanding a baby’s vocabulary and understanding of language.
  4. Counting and pattern recognition are practiced.
  5. It develops patients which is a very important life skill.
kids learning skills

What kind of toys should not be given to babies?

Safety should be your priority before handing over any toy or product in your toddler’s hand. It is recommended to avoid-

  • marble 
  • coins, 
  • balls, 
  • toys with screws,
  • Toys with sharp edges
  • Toys with loud noises
  • Inflatable toys 
  • Toys with strings or chords, etc.

Choosing a toy that may be attractive but not safe is never a good idea because babies tend to put their things in their mouth so small toys can easily be swallowed or cause choking. Long strings can accidentally be wrapped around a baby’s neck, and loud noises can potentially harm the baby’s ear.

baby playing with soft books

The best idea is to give soft toys such as stuffed animals or fabric dolls, to comfort a baby. During teething, provide them with a teething toy that has non-toxic materials in it. To develop literacy look for puzzles, board books, or soft books with bright colours and simple pictures that would attract babies. Always make sure to read the age recommendation and safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer when choosing toys for babies.


It is simple to understand that babies may not engage in complex or intricate crafts but still they can participate in the age of the great craft activities that provide numerous developmental benefits. Playing with crayons or clay help babies develop their fine motor skills and also promote cognitive skills. 

Additionally, participating in crafts with care given to us or other babies faster leads to social interaction, language development, and creating bonding. It is crucial to prioritise safety and select a non-toxic item that does not hurt the baby. Overall, engaging babies in crafts can be fun in a beneficial way to support their overall development safely and enjoyably.

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