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“Organize and Inspire: 13 Clever Ideas to Store Art Supplies”

Are you looking for ideas to store art supplies? As an artist, your imagination knows no bounds, and your art supplies are the brushes that help you paint your visions into reality. But amidst the chaos of creativity, finding a calm and organized space for your artistic essentials can be a true game-changer. In this article, we explore the subtle art of storage – discovering clever ways to keep your art supplies neat, accessible, and ready to inspire. Visit us for more art and craft items.

Label your plastic bins

labelled plastic bins

Labeling your plastic bins might seem like a simple idea, but its impact on organization and efficiency cannot be underestimated. With clear and concise labels adorning each container, you unlock a world of convenience and order within your living or workspace. No longer will you need to sift through multiple bins to find what you need; the labels act as a roadmap, guiding you directly to the desired items. Whether it’s art supplies, seasonal decorations, or household essentials, labeling brings clarity to the chaos, transforming clutter into a well-orchestrated symphony of storage.

Using Hanger-like Containers

These unique containers blend the simplicity of traditional hangers with the versatility of storage, providing a clever solution to keep your brushes, pens, and other creative tools neatly organized. Hang them on the walls, the back of doors, or even on specially designed racks for easy access and a visually appealing display. With hanger-like containers, you not only optimize your studio’s space but also infuse an artistic touch to your storage solution, turning your creative haven into a practical and inspiring sanctuary. Get coloring items for your toddler.

Drawer Dividers

drawer divider

Using drawer dividers to create more space is a brilliant concept that can revolutionize the way you organize your art supplies. By incorporating these clever tools, you can transform a cluttered and chaotic drawer into a well-ordered sanctuary for your creative tools. Drawer dividers allow you to compartmentalize various items neatly, maximizing every inch of available space.

Metal Cans

Metal cans offer a sturdy and durable solution for holding paint brushes of various sizes, ensuring they remain upright and easily accessible. Additionally, their sleek and industrial appearance adds a touch of modernity to any creative space. With a coat of paint or a touch of artistic flair, these cans can become personalized holders, reflecting the artist’s unique style

Knife bars made up of Magnet

By utilizing the power of magnets, these sleek and space-saving bars securely hold knives and other metallic kitchen tools in place, suspended on the wall or backsplash. Not only does this keep the countertops clear from clutter, but it also ensures easy access to the knives when needed for food preparation. Beyond the functional benefits, these magnet knife bars add a touch of modern elegance to the culinary space.

knife bar

Plastic organizers

With transparent designs, they provide a clear view of the contents, making it easy to locate the right tools quickly. From paintbrushes to markers and everything in between, plastic organizers come in various shapes and sizes, allowing for tailored storage solutions that fit any art collection.

Transparent Jars

The transparency allows them to easily identify and locate specific items without having to open each jar. Whether it’s an assortment of colorful paint brushes, vibrant markers, or neatly arranged beads and buttons, the artistic inventory becomes a work of art in itself, transforming the studio into an aesthetic display.

Tiered Rolling Cart

With multiple tiers or shelves, the cart offers ample room to segregate different types of art supplies, making it easy to locate items when inspiration strikes. Its portability is a game-changer, enabling artists to effortlessly move their supplies between workspaces or even take them on-the-go. The Tiered Rolling Cart not only enhances studio organization but also serves as an art companion, ensuring that creativity can flow seamlessly without any disruptions.

Woven Baskets

These versatile baskets, crafted with natural materials such as seagrass, rattan, or jute, add a touch of rustic charm to any creative space. Not only do they bring an organic and inviting feel, but their open design allows for easy access to your art tools. With various sizes and shapes available, woven baskets offer a flexible storage option, accommodating everything from paint tubes and sketchbooks to brushes and markers.Have a look at our basket special series.

Book shelves 

The beauty of this idea lies in its simplicity, as bookshelves offer a versatile and space-efficient solution for artists of all kinds. With their adjustable shelves and varying sizes, these trusty pieces of furniture can accommodate anything from paint tubes and brushes to sketchbooks and canvases. Moreover, the open design of bookshelves allows for easy access to your artistic tools, saving you valuable time during your creative process.

Plastic Pill Boxes

From sorting an assortment of beads, buttons, and small embellishments to organizing delicate watercolor pans or even keeping tiny brushes and tools in order, these plastic pill boxes prove to be a versatile and affordable tool for artists seeking seamless organization. Embracing this clever concept not only keeps art supplies neat and accessible but also introduces a touch of practicality and order to the creative process, empowering artists to focus solely on their artistic expression.

Secret storage

Imagine a world where the very act of concealing objects becomes an art form – a world of secret storage. It’s a concept that stirs curiosity and adds a dash of mystery to the mundane. From hidden compartments behind seemingly ordinary bookshelves to concealed drawers ingeniously tucked beneath furniture, secret storage invites us to indulge in a playful and clandestine dance with our possessions.

Sorting by color

sorted colors

By arranging paints, pencils, markers, and other materials by color, the creative space transforms into a captivating work of art itself. A spectrum of possibilities awaits as artists effortlessly find the perfect shade or hue, allowing their imagination to flow freely and their creations to flourish with an added touch of magic. Sorting by color goes beyond mere organization; it becomes an artistic experience that sparks joy and inspiration with every glance, breathing life into the artist’s sanctuary.


With a myriad of innovative ideas to store art supplies, we can transcend the mundane realm of organization and embrace a world of inspiration and creativity. From the elegance of simplicity to the charm of repurposed treasures, each storage solution becomes an extension of our artistic expression. As artists, let us cherish the subtle art of organization, knowing that in the realm of creativity, a well-organized studio is a canvas waiting to be painted with our wildest dreams. Decorate items are available here!

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