21 Delightful Easter Books for Kids: Tales of Joy and Wonder

Make your kid read Easter books that educates your child about the festival and makes it interesting. Easter is a time of joy, renewal, and celebration for families around the world. As children eagerly await the arrival of the Easter Bunny and the hunt for colorful eggs, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the magic of Easter through captivating books. Whether you’re looking for heartwarming stories, educational adventures, or delightful picture books, this article presents a selection of Easter books that will spark wonder and imagination in young readers.

In this article, we are listing 21 Easter-based books for your preschooler and short description of each of them till then have a look at easter craft with plates.

Hush, Little Bunny Board Book: 

Hush, Little Bunny Board Book:

In this enchanting board book, follow a tender lullaby as a parent bunny soothes their little one to sleep, promising a world of wonders and tender love under the twinkling moonlit sky.

The Easter Bunny That Overslept: 

Oh no! In this delightful tale, the Easter Bunny faces an adorable dilemma when he oversleeps and risks missing Easter morning. Join the heartwarming adventure as he seeks help from his friends to save the day.

A Spoonful of Faith: 

With delightful rhymes and vibrant illustrations, this charming book gently introduces the concept of faith to young minds, teaching them to trust in the unseen and believe the goodness of the world around them.

A Spoonful of Faith:

The Story of Easter: 

Discover the true meaning of Easter in this beautifully illustrated book that shares the story of Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection, reminding children of the love and sacrifice that lies at the heart of this sacred holiday.

Happy Easter, Biscuit! 

Follow the lovable Biscuit on an egg-citing Easter egg hunt adventure, where young readers can lift flaps to join in the search for colorful eggs hidden throughout the pages.

Happy Easter, Mouse! 

You are welcome to join Mouse and his friends in this interactive board book as they hunt for Easter eggs, offering young readers a delightful lift-the-flap experience that will make their Easter celebration even more special.

Happy Easter, Mouse!

“How to Catch the Easter Bunny: 

Easter magic abounds in this whimsical book, where clever traps and creative schemes are set in a hilarious attempt to catch the elusive Easter Bunny, adding a playful touch to the holiday.

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure: 

Hop along with Pete the Cat as he embarks on a groovy Easter egg hunt adventure with his friends, spreading cheer and excitement throughout the land.

Fancy Nancy and the Missing Easter Bunny: 

“Fancy Nancy and the Missing Easter Bunny” is a delightful and enchanting children’s book that follows the fabulous and imaginative Nancy Clancy on an exciting Easter adventure. When the Easter Bunny goes missing, Nancy takes it upon herself to solve the mystery and save the day!

Fancy Nancy and the Missing Easter Bunny:

With her signature flair for fashion and love for all things fancy, Nancy embarks on a stylish quest to find the missing Easter Bunny. Along the way, she cleverly uses her keen detective skills and enlists the help of her friends and family, making the search even more fun and adventurous.

Pat the Bunny: 

A beloved classic, this touch-and-feel book engages young readers as they interact with different textures and join Paul and Judy in various heartwarming activities, creating a memorable Easter experience.

The Serious Goose: 

Easter giggles are guaranteed in this laugh-out-loud book, where the Serious Goose delivers a delightful dose of silliness and fun, making it a perfect addition to any Easter basket.

The Runaway Bunny: 

Celebrate the bond between parent and child in this timeless tale of a little bunny’s imaginative quest to run away, met with the reassurance of a devoted mother’s love always being close by.

The Berenstain Bears Meet the Easter Bunny: 

The Berenstain Bears encounter the Easter Bunny in this heartwarming story, teaching young readers the importance of kindness and the joy of giving during Easter.

Little Critter: It’s Easter, Little Critter! 

“Little Critter: It’s Easter, Little Critter!” is an adorable and heartwarming children’s book that follows the lovable Little Critter as he experiences the joy and excitement of Easter. In this charming tale, Little Critter and his family engage in various Easter traditions and celebrations, making it a perfect read for children eager to explore the magic of this special holiday.

Throughout the book, young readers will delight in joining Little Critter on his Easter egg hunt adventure, decorating eggs with his family, and participating in a lively Easter parade. As he navigates through the ups and downs of the festivities, children will relate to the little mishaps and humorous moments that occur along the way.

Happy Easter, Curious George: 

“Happy Easter, Curious George” is a delightful and playful children’s book featuring everyone’s favorite mischievous monkey, Curious George. In this charming Easter adventure; George’s curiosity leads him on an exciting journey to find the perfect Easter egg for the big egg hunt.

Happy Easter, Curious George:

As George explores the world around him, young readers are treated to a series of humorous and endearing escapades. From decorating eggs to taking part in an egg roll, George’s antics add a dose of fun and laughter to the Easter celebrations.

Little Blue Truck’s spring time: 

Little Blue Truck welcomes spring in this cheerful book, where he discovers baby animals, blooming flowers, and the beauty of new beginnings, making it a perfect Easter read.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit: 

Beatrix Potter’s timeless classic follows the mischievous Peter Rabbit on his escapades in Mr. McGregor’s garden, enchanting generations with its charming illustrations and captivating story.

God Gave Us Easter: 

This heartwarming book beautifully explains the meaning of Easter through the eyes of a young polar bear, as his wise grandmother shares the story of God’s greatest gift. “God Gave Us Easter” is not only a celebration of the Christian significance of Easter but also a touching reminder of the joy and wonder that this special holiday brings to families. It is a perfect read for parents seeking to share the religious meaning of Easter with their young ones in a gentle and age-appropriate manner.

Junie B., First Grader: Dumb Bunny: 

Junie B. Jones brings her humorous adventures to Easter in this fun-filled book, where she learns the true meaning of the holiday and the importance of kindness.

Little One, God Made You Special: 

Celebrate the uniqueness of each child in this tender book, as it gently reminds young readers that they are loved and cherished, just as they are, on Easter and every day.

Llama Llama Easter Egg: 

Llama Llama Easter Egg:

Llama Llama searches for colorful Easter eggs in this adorable board book, teaching children about the joy of Easter and the excitement of the egg hunt. This heartwarming story teaches children about the joy of Easter, the excitement of the egg hunt, and the importance of spending time with loved ones during this special holiday. Perfect for preschoolers and toddlers, “Llama Llama Easter Egg” is sure to bring smiles and laughter to little ones as they celebrate the magic of Easter with Llama Llama.


No matter the age or interests of the child, there is an Easter book waiting to spark their curiosity and imagination. As Easter approaches, let’s encourage young minds to embark on delightful journeys through the pages of these enchanting books, creating cherished memories and instilling the spirit of Easter in their hearts. Whether it’s the excitement of an egg hunt, the joy of new beginnings, or the reflection on the deeper meaning of Easter, these books help young readers embrace the true magic of this special season. Decorative items that you can consider for your Easter celebration.

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